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Ancient Indian Sexuality

Intermarriages, striking the holy bonds in matrimony as far as the ancient Kamasutra Hindus concerned, used to be well-thought after and orchestrated. Chastity, the cornerstone of virginity, was primordial for those maidens wishing to make it happen. Finding a suitable husband to the bride would be down to her father, right upon her blossomed puberty.

If failed in finding his daughter a husband the father himself would become loathed as a Brahman slayer- the lowest crime a Hindu could commit. If, within threes years past her flow geared up, the father couldn’t get a husband to his daughter, she could go looking for one herself. The father would take on the blame for his failure forever, unmercifully, in a dully manner.

Upon marriage, the woman would go through another rite of passage, just like the Brahman would to be reborn under the auspices of sacred bonds. There’d be eight types of marriage, accordingly with the Mahabharata. In the first fours, granted to the Brahmans themselves, there’d be no dowry from the bride, because unions between those of superior casts would reap, to their minds, the rewards from another world upon thy. The other kinds of marriage were, Arranged marriage, Loving marriage, Forced marriage (if captured by warrior or conqueror) and Imposed marriage, in which the male claimed a wife upon mischievous or unlawfully approach. Once undergone the post ceremonial bathing in the fourth day of inflow, the newly wife, considered cleansed now, would become eligible to indulge herself. Seemingly the women could be more passionate than the men, it was particularly supported. As quoted by these Indian Kamasutra proverbs “the humankind aged upon concerns, the warrior by time in jail, and the woman from leading a loveless life”. There used to keep sexual congress under control. Apart from the restrictions elsewhere, and there were plenty, the newlyweds could not indulge themselves out in the open or in broad day light, as it was only allowed at night and enshrouded in deep intimacy.

Forbidden otherwise any other time of the day, once the morning hours were meant for praying and the afternoon’s to the shady business.

There’d be total abstinence imposed on husbands and wives during some days of the month. These were the days, steady now, when, as they used to say, the bad spirits would break loose, ultimately in run down and derelict houses, in graveyards, surrounding trees and water bodies. They held these places as particularly dangerous for the love-making.

A male, who did a virgin over, even under her consentient, would be heavily penalized and obliged to marry her, disregarding of any cast distinction. Deflowering a virgin against her will was one of the most despicable crimes. Being the perpetrator flogged in public and banned, having all his possessions confiscated.

People from all walks of life could see and share time with the wives of actors and singers, regardless, and not a hint of rape or adultery would come out of it. Any homosexual tendency or sexual deviation would be severely punished then.

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